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Landscaping Greencastle, PA

Landscaping Greencastle, PA by Locust Ridge Landscape

Why choose us for your Landscaping in Greencastle, PA?

Locust Ridge Landscape is a highly trustworthy, innovative, fully insured, and family-owned landscaping company with a distinctive vision focusing on commercial and residential landscaping in Greencastle, PA. We strive to provide our clients complete satisfaction in every service provided. Let our exceptional Google reviews speak for our quality and dedication. Feel free to contact us to get a quote.

Did you know? You should cut grass high. Tall grass makes for a much healthier lawn. Never cut your lawn below two inches.

We have the tools, an extraordinary team, and the innovative mindset to develop and build the most basic landscape design to the most intricate and difficult. As a leading Greencastle Landscaping company, we understand that maintaining your home or business’s curb appeal is essential all year. With our forward-thinking, we can build a landscape that your friends, family, and neighbors will envy for a lifetime. We’re confident we can deliver a landscape you’re incredibly proud of. We can tackle the detailed complexities involved with planning and executing symmetry, digging, building, and planting, and we are dedicated to attaining satisfaction in all of our projects. Click here to see a gallery of past projects. It doesn’t stop there; our commercial landscaping and residential landscaping services also include;

  • mowing, mulching, pruning,
  • pavers, walkways, patios, retaining walls,
  • natural wall stone, decorative stone, boulders, river rock,
  • decks, fences, retaining walls,
  • shrubs, trimming, drainage,
  • complete lawn care,
  • and much, much more!

Importance of Landscaping in Greencastle, PA

We work one-on-one with our clients to bring their unique concept for their lawn and landscape to reality. A well-designed and maintained landscape is beneficial to your home’s curb appeal and overall value, offering a considerable advantage over homes with little to no landscape appeal. A professionally designed landscape in Greencastle, PA can boost your home’s value from anywhere between 5-13% overall. Professionally designed and built hardscapes and patios add additional value and utility to existing landscapes. From weeding, regular grass maintenance, bush maintenance, mulching, and edging, we’ll keep your residential or commercial property looking clean, lush, symmetrical, and attractive. It only takes a few seconds to get a free quote from us.

Did you know? You should water in late evening or early morning. Cool, humid, low-wind conditions distribute water evenly and reduce loss to evaporation. Ideal conditions usually occur between 10pm and midnight, or between 8am and 9am

Countless people only think of landscaping in the Spring or Summer, but the truth is, landscape maintenance is a year-long commitment. Working with our reputable landscaping Greencastle, PA company means we’ll be able to maintain your property all year long, which is essential to your landscape’s visual health and long-term vitality.

Dedication to be the best Landscaping Company in Greencastle, PA

Whatever your landscaping or hardscaping needs, you can trust Locust Ridge Landscape to be at its best. There’s no landscaping or hardscaping project our team can’t deal with and exceed expectations. Whether you’re inquiring about continuing lawn care maintenance, simple or complex hardscaping, or any landscaping services, the team at Locust Ridge Landscape is dedicated to the highest professionalism and workmanship. Click here to check out our complete list of landscaping services. We can’t wait to work together on your next landscaping project and make it a success!


Locust Ridge Landscaping is a Landscaping Greencastle, PA company providing residential landscaping services. Locust Ridge Landscaping is a Landscaping Greencastle, PA company providing commercial landscaping services. Locust Ridge Landscaping is a Landscaping Greencastle, PA company providing all landscaping services.