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Locust Ridge Landscape provides exceptional landscaping services for residential and commercial customers in the Shippensburg, Chambersburg, Fayetteville, and Carlisle, PA areas.

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Lawn Care & Maintenance

Lawn Care & Maintenance

At Locust Ridge Landscape, we understand that your property is a big investment. We want to help our customers build a landscape they are proud of.

We provide residential and commercial lawn care services ranging from lawn mowing and cleanup to trimming and edging.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Whether you want to boost curb appeal or cultivate an outdoor living space the entire family can enjoy, we strive to bring your idea to fruition.

Locust Ridge Landscape can take your lawn and garden to the next level with our unique and beautiful plant and flower arrangements.



Keep your home toasty during winter, and never again worry about running low on firewood. We will deliver your firewood dried, split, stacked, and ready to go!

Locust Ridge Landscape also offers kiln-dried firewood, kindling, fire starters, and campfire wood. Give us a call today!

Lawn Mowing

Locust Ridge Landscape offers expert lawn mowing services for both commercial and residential customers in the Shippensburg, Chambersburg, Fayetteville, and Carlisle, PA areas. We make it easy for you to have a beautiful, lush, green lawn that is well-kept and always looking its best.

Lawn Mowing

Leaf Blowing & Clean Up

If left unchecked, leaves can accumulate and damage your lawn. Due to reduced sunlight and lack of water evaporation, mold and fungus can form, wreaking havoc on your landscape.

Leaf clean up can seem like a neverending task. Let the professionals at Locust Ridge Landscape handle your next leaf blowing and clean up project so you don't have to. We will restore your lawn and property to its pristine state.

Leaf Blowing

Spring & Fall Clean Up

Need to spruce up our lawn and landscape after a long Winter? Our spring and fall clean up services include raking and disposing of yard debris and leaves from your lawn and surrounding landscaping. At Locust Ridge Landscape, we'll restore your landscape to its original glory in no time.

Spring & Fall Clean Up

Trimming & Edging

Even a well-manicured landscape can use that extra bit of attention to bring it to the next level. Our trimming and edging services are sure to transform any ordinary lawn into a real attention getter.

Our trimming services help to eliminate grass and weeds in areas your lawn mower cannot reach, and we take extra care to avoid damage to surrounding plants and shrubbery. Our edging services help define walkways and flower beds to give your landscape that professional touch.

Trimming & Edging


Aside from being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, mulch offers many benefits to your plants and soil. Mulch helps to reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation by protecting your soil from the sun's harsh rays.

As mulch breaks down, it also replenishes your soil with rich nutrients and increases its ability to retain moisture. At Locust Ridge Landscape, we offer a variety of mulches to choose from including brown mulch, black mulch, red mulch, premium tanbark mulch, and playground cover mulch.


Pruning & Planting

An important part of maintaining your landscape is through proper and professional tree and shrub pruning. Pruning can transform and shape the growth of trees and shrubs, and Locust Ridge Landscape takes pride in what many consider to be an art form.

Have you always wanted a beautiful flower bed or trees and shrubs to complement your landscape? We also offer professional planting services!

Pruning & Planting

Patios & Hardscapes

All great landscapes begin with a well thought out and executed hardscape at its core. At Locust Ridge Landscape, we offer a variety of hardscape services including patio design, stonework, path and walkways, retaining walls, and much more!

Patios & Hardscapes

Organic Lawn Treatment

Our organic lawn treatment services will help keep your lawn green and healthy while having no negative impact on the environment. We offer a variety of organic lawn treatment solutions including power seeding, lawn aeration, soil enrichment, and the use of organic fertilizer.

Organic lawn treatment is most effective with the proper application of both weeding and fertilizing along with the correct timing and care of lawn services appropriate for your type of lawn. You can count on our experience to make your lawn treatment a success!

Organic Lawn Treatment

Outdoor Living Spaces

We design and build beautiful outdoor living spaces that combine the comforts of home and freedom of the outdoors. From stunning patios and stonework to stylish pergolas, Locust Ridge Landscape can craft the perfect outdoor living environment for your home.

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Customer Reviews

by Ruth Taylor on Locust Ridge Landscape, LLC
Excellent Job

Vernon and his crew always do a great job. When I call Vernon, he gives me a projected time to do the job, and then updates me. All of his crew are very friendly and professional.

by Hazel and Bob Fernandez on Locust Ridge Landscape, LLC

After 19 years, Bob and I needed some new landscaping. Seeing Locust Ridge's work and friend's input, there was no doubt this was our best choice. We met with Vernon and Bethany to discuss our project. We were very pleased with Bethany's suggestions and selection of shrubs, etc.

Their workmanship was excellent and their staff, friendly and accommodating. We had Vernon trim all our trees and he will even be power washing our driveway.

It is without any reservation that we recommend Locust Ridge to anyone who requires landscaping work.

by Mike and Carol Evonick on Locust Ridge Landscape, LLC
Can’t say enough!

After our initial landscaper had to pull out we asked Vernon to look at the plans and take it over with a “few” changes. Vernon was agreeable and took the steps to complete our front landscaping in phases that worked well for both our schedules. Vernon and his crew are easy to work with , he provides options, the crew show up ready to work a full day! We are very pleased with all the work performed. Bethany is also a joy to work with. She helped to physically layout our planting scheme and made terrific suggestions which made it look more professional and pleasing to the eye. We highly recommend Locust Ridge.

by Delmar & Nancy Burridge on Locust Ridge Landscape, LLC
Highly Recommended

Our recent home inspection before settlement at Penn National recommended shrubbery removal and trimming.

Locust Ridge Landscape arrived exactly on the agreed date and time for the estimate, walked the property with my wife and I while taking notes on his cell phone. Locust Ridge Landscape gave us an immediate cost estimate and when the work could be done with a wiggle room time frame due to weather. Vernon texted us during the three week wait on the status of their arrival date.

Locust Ridge Landscape showed as promised with two large trucks that were eventually filled with branches and excavated shrubs that had pulled along mid-sized trailers of machinery. All the work was completed in one afternoon. The clean up was fine tuned on ours and the adjacent properties.

The miracle for me was how they trimmed a Japanese maple. I could now see Saint Annes Drive, our frontage from inside our window. Wow... What a view through these sculpted and aesthetically pleasing branches. I enjoy this new found scenery daily.

Yes, every week Locust Ridge shows to trim our grass while we are doing or having done planned interior improvements.

The monthly billing and other noticed business practices are professional. Without any hesitation, it is a pleasure to recommend this firm.

Stone Installation & Lawn Mowing

We had mulch removed from several flower and tree beds. Vernon replaced the mulch with stones. The beds were dug out, landscaping material was laid and stones were placed. The result looks wonderful and the stones have cut down on the voles. Vernon is easy to work with, calls you back when you leave a message and shows up on time ready to work. We will definitely use Locust Ridge for any landscaping needs in the future.

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Founded in 2011, Locust Ridge Landscape, LLC provides exceptional landscaping services for both residential and commercial customers in the Franklin County, PA area. Jesse Gipe started the business from the ground up, later moving to Colorado to pursue a new business opportunity. Mr. Gipe handed over the business to Vernon Shirk and his wife, who currently own and operate Locust Ridge Landscape, LLC. We are based out of Shippensburg, PA, but also serve customers in the surrounding Franklin County, PA area including Chambersburg, Fayetteville, and Carlisle, PA.

Locust Ridge Landscape, LLC is dedicated to customer satisfaction, providing professional landscaping and hardscaping services so that our customers have a landscape they can be proud of. Our business is not just landscaping, but people, as we strive to build lasting relationships with our customers.

Some of the services we offer include lawn care and maintenance, landscape design, firewood, spring and fall clean up, leaf blowing and clean up, trimming and edging, pruning and planting, mulching, and patios and hardscapes. We would love to be a part of your next landscape project. Contact us today!

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